Illinois Senate and House Passes Alcohol Taste Training Bill

Kendall College, June 25th, 2012 | Category: Around Town

The Illinois Senate and House have passed the “Sip and Spit” bill, which will allow hospitality and culinary students over the age of 18 to legally taste alcoholic beverages in the classroom, as long as they spit the drink out after tasting. With the passage of this bill, Illinois hospitality and culinary students will now have the advantage of being better prepared for a variety of food and beverage careers.

“This Academic Sip and Spit legislation – which I expect the Governor to sign into law this summer – will create many jobs in the culinary and hospitality industry across the state,” said Senator Donne Trotter, D-Chicago, the chief sponsor. “The new law will make Kendall College and other Illinois schools with culinary and hospitality programs more competitive with other states.”

Under the bill, Illinois hospitality and culinary students will be allowed to examine the color, clarity, aroma and taste of alcoholic beverages under the supervision of an instructor.  Adding skills such as tasting training will improve the learning experience and give students a better understanding of how to cook with wine and spirits and how to pair the right drinks with appropriate meal offerings.

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