From the Kitchens at Kendall College: Stove Top Vegetarian Baked Beans

From the Kitchens at Kendall College: Stove Top Vegetarian Baked Beans

Stove top Vegetarian Baked Beans

Yield: 8 servings, 2/3 cup each

Beans are an excellent source of meatless protein and fiber. This bacon- and pork-less version of a cherished side dish makes use of canned beans—no overnight soaking necessary. Spiked with apple-cider vinegar, Worcestershire and a little ketchup, this is one of the easiest—not to mention one of the tastiest—baked beans ever.

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Dispatch from the Career Fair: What are employers looking for?

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On November 6, 2013, the Career Services Department at Kendall College hosted a fair for students and alumni to meet directly with more than 70 employers from 35 companies ranging from Magnolia Bakery to Choose Chicago (tourism board). In addition, nine of the attendees were businesses run by alumni of Kendall. The fair hosts companies and organizations interested in hiring students and alumni for their job openings and internships in business, culinary, baking and pastry, early childhood education and hospitality.

“After the fair we calculated that more than 50 interviews have already been scheduled as a result of networking between our students, alumni and the attending businesses,” shared Director of Career Services Kristen Hodges. “One reason our fairs are so successful is due to our continued interaction with attendees. We like to hear feedback so we can improve and cater the event to their needs.”

Students and alumni attend for various reasons including turning in resumes for job openings and internships. But for some, the fair is an opportunity to stretch their networking legs.

“This is such a great networking opportunity for me,” shared one student attendee. “I’ve already talked to several places that I would love to work for. I have a passion for organic foods so it’s nice that there are places I’ve talked to that are all about organic.”

Hanna’s Bretzel confirmed this by saying “we want people [to work for us] who not only have an interest in organic foods, but are passionate about it.”

Most of the students and alumni (more than 30 from graduation years 1997-2013 attended) at the fair are searching for insight about what employers want in a candidate.

The representative from GT Fish & Oyster immediately shared their top priority: “We’re looking for great personalities first and foremost.”

“Who are we looking for here? People that are friendly, personable and talkative. That’s the main thing,” shared employers from famed Chicago restaurant chain Lou Malnati’s. “They need to be a good face for our company and be willing to work hard and start at the bottom to prove [themselves.]”

“[We hire Kendall students and graduates because] they are passionate and prepared.” Said a representative from US Foods.

This sentiment was echoed by several other employers at the fair who mentioned Kendall student and alumni stand out from other candidates due to their  “professionalism,” “knowledge and enthusiasm,” “excellent training,” and “highly prepared.”

100 percent of employer attendees said they would return to Kendall for the next Career Fair. Get ready with our series about Caeer Services, links below. Or make an appointment by email or phone 312.752.2012.

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Farm camp brings local food system to life for culinary student

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Spence Farm Foundation’s mission “is to teach the art, history and practice of small sustainable family farming across America.” Kendall College culinary student M. Viviana Proano recently attended ‘Chef Camp’ hosted by the Spence Farm Foundation. Spence Farm sponsors trips to their Central Illinois farm so students can learn about sustainable agriculture practices and more information about where the food served at top Chicago restaurants comes from.spence farm chef camp kendall college culinary school

“The opportunity to attend camp blended two things that I am passionate about: local foods & sustainability,” says Proano. “I was delighted when Chef Peggy [Ryan] told me that I would be able to attend.”

The camp is held over two days. Campers attend lectures, prepare and eat meals, tour the farm fields, see a maple processing facility and interact with farm animals from milking a cow to helping a sow (female adult pig) and her piglets move pens. Chef campers also witnessed the slaughter of a chicken and a rabbit first-hand, and visited two other farms.

chicken, spence farm foundation, kendall college culinary, chef campAttendees of camp get insight on what it means to be a farmer. Student M. Viviana had never milked a cow before, but this visit made her excited to try. While she had a difficult time at first, she “got the hang of it” and “will remember [it] for a long time.”

The camp dedicates much of the time to providing visiting chefs an understanding of the elements that cannot be controlled in farming. Many consumers, including chefs, have an expectation for food products to have a perfect, uniform appearance.  Produce grown at many small farms may have different sizes, colors and appearance but have a delicious flavor.

“Although [perfect] produce may look good, it often doesn’t have a good flavor,” shares Proano. “When we [see] produce with superficial ‘flaws’ we may be tempted to not use them even though they taste great.”

Due to her interest in sustainability and the health of animals and the environment, Proano is considering working with and promoting sustainable food systems after graduating from culinary school. The trip to Spence Farm and Chef Camp offered a new, more detailed perspective on food systems and how food products end up on the plate.spence farm foundation, spence farm, chef camp, kendall college

“I was impressed with the efforts that the foundation is making to help promote a new generation of farmers,” said student Proano. “One of the farms we visited is a hobby of a 14 year old boy.  His farm even sells to some big name restaurants.  It is alarming that many farms [owned] by individuals are pretty much ready to retire.  I found it interesting that Spence Farms foundation is so successful and getting young people excited and involved in this possible career path.”

On Sunday, November 17, Kendall College will host Harvest Feast to benefit the Spence Farm Foundation. The dinner will showcase selections by Chrissy Camba (Bar Pastoral), Nicole Pederson (Found), Mindy Segal (Hot Chocolate), and Molly Johnson (Calihan Catering). Tickets for the event are $150 and can be purchased here.

bee, spence farm, kendall college chicagoMore information:
[Video] Growing together: Chef Camp at Spence Farm 
Chicago Tribune – “Growing better chefs at farm camp”
Spence Farm Foundation

Kendall College Charitable Trust and Alumni Association Host “Oktoberfest”

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Local beer and sausage brought Kendall alumni and friends of the Kendall College Charitable Trust (KCCT) to “Oktoberfest” on October 5, 2013.kendall college alumni association kcct chicago

“It was a delicious and fun afternoon in support of a new alumni-named scholarship with the KCCT,” said Marguerite Allegretti of the Alumni Relations Office. “We’re so proud that we raised nearly $1,500 to support Kendall students.”

5 Rabbit Cerveceria, Forbidden Root, and Goose Island provided beer that was paired with hand crafted sausages and charcuterie plates from Chef Scott Walton of Howells & Hood. “It was a fun experience to sample the pairings. The lobster sausage was outstanding and it was interesting to see how the craft beer and sausage complimented each other,” said Valerie Vasquez, School of Education Licensure Officer and KCCT supporter.

kendall college alumni association kcct charitable trust foundation chicagoGuests sampled six different beers; Sofie and Matilda from Goose Island, 5 Grass and 5 Vulture from 5 Rabbit Cerveceria, and Sublime Ginger and Shady Character from Forbidden Root. “Trying the different local beers was a great way to see how creative the craft beer process can be. It was also a fun way to network with fellow alumni and KCCT supporters while supporting future Kendall students” said Jaime Mestan, Alumni Association Board member.

Oktoberfest was the second alumni event of 2013. The Kendall College Alumni Association Board will be hosting the Winter Alumni Celebration on December 5, 2013 at Kendall College from 6-9pm. Space is limited so alumni are encouraged to register through the Alumni Portal now:

Students find success at the John A. Miller Academic Success Center

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Students pursuing degrees in business, culinary arts, baking and pastry, early childhood education or hospitality management are asked to complete rigorous courses across several disciplines. Many students take advantage of the on-campus tutoring and support at the Academic Success Center (ASC).

“The ASC is an important piece in helping student achievement here at Kendall,” says Jim Morski, Assistant Professor, General Education “I frequently refer students to get additional tutoring and homework help, and there seems to be a positive correlation for students that seek out additional help and their overall success in the class.  …I am very happy in the role it plays here at [Kendall College.]”

Students at Kendall College receive free academic tutoring on a variety of subjects ranging from recipe costing and statistics to Spanish and Integrative Studies. In addition, online services are available for all tutoring for culinary arts, baking and pastry, math, writing, hotel class, statistics

“The ASC assists any and all students with academic support,” says Erin Shelley, ASC Director. “Any academic assistance is provided, as long as students seek help and makes regular appointments, or see us during our drop-in hours. We’re so proud of the feedback we receive from students and faculty.”

Students provide a variety of feedback about their experience at the ASC, but one thing remains the same: their gratitude and willingness to recommend the ASC to fellow students.

A rigorous curriculum can at times be overwhelming not just due to work assignments, and as one student said, “I feel that the academic success center really helped me out a lot mentally as well as emotionally.”

Another student was impressed with the ASC tutors understanding of their specific course. “I really enjoyed the members of the ASC. They helped me throughout the progression of the class. They also were very knowledgeable about the course material.”

Some students said his “hatred” of Math was only overcome through working with the ASC. “I don’t think if it weren’t for Will I would have overcome my hatred of Math. He takes his time and explains things literally, tiny step by tiny step.”

“The ASC is an amazing resource for students in my English courses,” shared Randi Russert, Assistant Professor, General Education. “I have seen time and again the improvement students make in their writing after visits to the ASC.”

Contact the ASC via email or phone 312-752-2376.

Career Services 101: All About Cover Letters

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Hundreds of students and alumni work with the Career Services department at Kendall College on all the aspects of searching for and landing a dream job or internship in their field, whether it is in business, culinary, baking and pastry, early childhood education or hospitality. Tackling the job search, resume updates and interview help are priorities for many students, but one task often requires a lot of time and assistance – the cover letter.

“Writing a cover letter can seem really intimidating,” says Career Services Director Kristen Hodges. “Staring at a blank page and trying to come up with a compelling letter is difficult, but we don’t want our students to feel alone. We are always here to help.”

Students at Kendall College are asked to use a checklist to evaluate their cover letter and avoid common pitfalls. For example, the checklist covers formatting, content and important details. For the full checklist and expert advice, visit the Career Services department!

  1. Is it one page only and limited to three focused paragraphs?
  2. Is the company name and address spelled correctly and complete?
  3. Have you stated why you are interested in the position and the organization?
  4. Have you told the employer what you can do for the organization rather than what it can do for you?
  5. Have you avoided re-writing your resume in your cover letter?
  6. Is the sentence structure varied? Have you limited the use of the words “I” and “My” at the beginning of each sentence?
  7. Is it neat and attractive?
  8. Is the résumé behind the cover letter and tri-folded with no staples?
  9. Is it addressed to a particular person (unless it is a response to a blind ad)?
  10. Does it close with “Sincerely,”? Anything else can be seen as too casual.
  11. Is it printed on high-quality paper that matches your resume? Is it printed on a high-quality printer?

It’s never too early to meet with Career Services to discuss steps for finding the perfect job or internship. Set up an appointment today – even if you’re not sure exactly where to start. Email or call 312.752.2012.

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