Top 3 Ways To Succeed in the Baking & Pastry Program by student Ashlee Snodgrass

Top 3 Ways To Succeed in the Baking & Pastry Program by student Ashlee Snodgrass

The fall quarter just started and new and continuing students are working hard on campus every day to complete their programs and take steps toward their dream careers! Baking and Pastry student, Ashlee Snodgrass, is a student ambassador and presidential scholar. After graduation next spring, she plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business and work in a bakery. Her ultimate dream is to own her own bakery. “I think Kendall is such a great school that prepares students to be knowledgeable, organized, s... read more

Winter Alumni Celebration Honors Kendall History and Alumni Achievements

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2013 was sealed with a festive nod to alumni achievements at the Winter Alumni Celebration hosted by the Kendall College Alumni Association Board. The last alumni event of 2013 was held in the Skyline Room at Kendall College on December 5 and attended by alumni representing more than 40 years of alumni history and accomplishments.alumni association party kendall college

“The Skyline Room was transformed into a sparkling winter wonderland,” said Alumni Relations Specialist Marguerite Allegretti. “Guests enjoyed the historical photo gallery and archive table.”

host an event at kendall college culinary chicago“Seeing the photos from the days at the Evanston campus was a wonderful reminder of the history of Kendall,” said Board Member Kimberly Gibson ’12, Early Childhood Education.

Alumni and guests enjoyed delicious and celebratory drinks, appetizers, and desserts as they reminisced during the slideshow and with fellow alumni. “We wanted to host a party celebrating the achievements of our alumni that was fun and whimsical,” said Board Member Jaime Mestan ’07, Hospitality Management.winter party alumni association kendall college chicago

The Kendall College Alumni Association Board looks forward to turning this celebration into an annual event. “We want to make sure that we have one event every year that recognizes all the alumni achievements that have been made. All of our talented alumni give us plenty of reasons to celebrate,” said Board President Jeff Vicik ’11, Hospitality Management.

At the end of the night, guests took home Kendall alumni mugs filled with special hot cocoa mix prepared by James Beard award winning alumna Mindy Segal ’89, AAS Baking and Pastry.mindy segal alumni kendall college culinary

To ensure you are notified of 2014 alumni events, easily update your contact information by signing in at, via email or by mail (Attn: Alumni Association, 900 N. North Branch St, Chicago, IL 60642.)

Library Features Beverage Management Resources

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School of Hospitality students curious about beverage management don’t have to look very far to find resources on campus.library kendall college hospitality

The Kendall College Library staff expertly assembled a set of books related to the Beverage Management concentration in the School of Hospitality management.

Students can prepare for classes in the Beverage Management concentration by browsing books about cocktails, wine, mixology, beer, coffee and tea.

“If you are on campus, be sure to stop by and see the display,” says Dean Susan Tinnish. “While you’re there, spend some time in the 641.2 section of the library to learn more about the amazing world of beverage management.”wine, wine education, beverage management, hospitality school, hotel school

The library also offers electronic access to databases like EBSCOhost databases which includes Hospitality & Tourism Complete (more than 490 publications, including periodicals, company and country reports, and books),  Business Source Complete (scholarly business journals), and Academic Search Complete (more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals).  The library also stocks hospitality industry publications like Meetings & Conventions, Midwest Meetings and Lodging Hospitality.


Kendall College Helps Tornado Victims Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Members of the Kendall College community traveled to Washington, Ill., to support the victims of the recent devastating tornados.

“Kendall is filled with individuals committed to service, and these individuals consistently demonstrate what it means to give back,” said President Emily Williams Knight. “Our students and faculty want to show that others across the state are committed to helping our fellow Illinoisans through this difficult time.”

Jenny Raup, Chef Elaine Sikorski, Chef Thomas Meyer, Chef Heidi and two students, Kora Bestold and Tony Hostettler packed their cars with a Thanksgiving feast to distribute to those in need. Upon arrival, they used funds collected at Kendall College to purchase much-needed toiletries for local residents.

“It was a moving experience and everyone was grateful,” shared Chef Meyer. “We made three stops in Coal City, Washington donation center, and Washington High School. I was able to get see the devastation area on my own. Seeing the area hit hardest put things into perspective. We’re so proud of our students and staff for organizing this trip.”

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Kendall Recommends: Thanksgiving 2013 Edition

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By John Laloganes

Assistant Professor in the Kendall College School of Hospitality Management, John Laloganes provides his expert recommendation for what to pair with your US Thanksgiving dinner this week.

“With wine in hand, one reaches the happy state—where men are wise, women beautiful; and even one’s children begin to look promising.”
— Anonymous

revitalizing … lively … festive

Sparkling wine certainly has the incredible ability to create a mood of revelry that sets a moment apart or makes an event special.

The sound of corks popping at ritualistic events such as weddings, victory celebrations, rites of passage and, of course, New Year’s Eve marks a time of both distinction and ceremony. Something about this drink has the ability to intoxicate the soul, the mind, and the body. Sparkling wines are created in nearly every major wine-producing country and can be found in a wide range of styles. They can vary from delicate to powerful, simple to complex, and dry to sweet. They can be discovered at various quality levels, and price points—but the most historic, prestigious, and reputable type of sparkling wine is Champagne.

Sparkling wine works for most occasions whether with food or without.  Overall, sparkling wine has several attributes that allow them to be one of the most adaptable types of wine to partner successfully with food.   The wine itself maintains lower alcohol than most wines along with its ever presence of ample acidity and effervescence that work collectively for more interesting sensations on the palate.

champagne thanksgiving 2To transform an ordinary drinking scenario into a much more memorable one, try one of my recommended selections below:

Raventos i Blanc – L’Hereu 2011 Spain
Intense aroma of bakeshop and toast

Canard-Duchêne Champagne Brut Rosé
Light aromas of strawberries and cream with a hint of brioche


Want to learn more about our beverage education opportunities? Check out our Home Chef classes and our Beverage Management concentration in the School of Hospitality Management.

Five Attributes Needed to Succeed in the School of Education

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By Karen White

School of Education student Karen White is pursuing her passion for early childhood education at Kendall College. Based on her experience and observation, she shares her advice for fellow students on the top 5 qualities needed to succeed in the program.

  1. Passion is why educators want to work with children. Passion is how we get up each day ready to make a difference in the lives of young individuals. Maintaining your passion for early childhood education will lead you to graduation.
  2. Perseverance will help push you past all challenges and obstacles. Perseverance will help you to succeed and master the art of APA (American Psychology Association) guidelines, which will build the foundation for every paper you write in Early Childhood classes.
  3. Creativity and flexibility will be your salvation when planning and implementing lesson plans. These assignments may test your perseverance but also cultivate your passion and spark creativity if you maintain flexibility.
  4. Serenity. Never stress, you are not alone! There is help available through tech support and professors. Classmates will share and patience in the process will be a virtue. Utilize your passion, perseverance, creativity and flexibility to build serenity.
  5. Dedication and organization will provide clarity and help you to meet all deadlines. Never procrastinate or you may be late with assignments. Flexibility may be needed when creativity is limited due to lack of time or stress. Remember, when perseverance is lacking it will be your passion for a career in early childhood education that will lead you to graduation.

For more information on the School of Education at Kendall College, please visit