Sascha Cocron Podcast – Secrets of Entrepreneurship

Kendall College, November 13th, 2009 | Category: Inside Kendall
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Ever think of starting your own business or launching a new venture? Dream of being an entrepreneur? Before you even think of putting pen to paper on your business plan, or, worse, spending your hard earned savings on your new venture, come to see “Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs.” Sascha Cocron, former dean of the business school and strategy consultant will let you in on the little known secrets that most entrepreneurs, and the business press, don’t want you to know. It is an entertaining, though somewhat controversial take on the subject. Sponsored by the Kendall College, School of Business.

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  2. London says:

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  4. stock charting tool says:

    Entrepreneurial spirit is a must for every new venture. This podcast really highlights the salient points that is often overlooked by business schools and the media as well.

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