Kendall Campus Comes Together for Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Kendall College, November 29th, 2012 | Category: Inside Kendall
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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Kendall College community found a way to get involved with recovery efforts all the way from Chicago. During the month of November the Kendall Cares campus volunteer group organized a variety of events that students, faculty, staff and alumni could get involved with and support the cause.

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The month-long campaign consisted of:

  • A campus-wide “Kickoff” Text Campaign encouraged students, faculty, and staff to donate directly to the American Red Cross from their cell phone.
  • Images of the devastation across the East Coast were broadcast on campus TV monitors to raise awareness and illustrate the need of for community support.
  • Menus influenced by East-Coast states were served in our dining halls during the week of November 12th.
  • A Supplies Drive was conducted through the Kendall College Student Life organization. The supplies will be delivered to Keyport Central School Shelter in Keyport, NJ.
  • Pies were baked by Kendall students, faculty and staff and sold at a Thanksgiving Pie Bake Sale. All proceed – more than $1,000! – went to the American Red Cross.
  • Proceeds from the Spice Up Your Life special “couples” sushi making demonstration on November 30th will go directly to the American Red Cross

One by one, we know we can make a difference. We are proud that Kendall College students, faculty and staff donated and volunteered during this time of need.

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