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Meredith, January 22nd, 2014 | Category: Faculty
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“We bring new faculty to campus to teach special classes we know will enrich the program and provide students with powerful knowledge to enter the hospitality field,” says Dr. Susan Tinnish, Dean of the School of Hospitality Management. “We are excited to introduce Audra Pavilcius Karalius and Claris Olson here.”

Audrone (Audra) Pavilcius Karalius

Audra Pavilcius Karalius is also a new addition to our sustainability team. She worked for Sara Lee where she served as a business leader, attorney, and Chief Sustainability Officer who worked with various stakeholders (parts of the company or constituents) to build value by reducing risks and improving business opportunities through proactive sustainability strategy, initiatives and programs. Additionally, Audra is currently with law offices of Boodell & Domanskis where she focused on sustainability and regulatory compliance.  Her law degree is from Loyola University and she also has a Master’s of Science in Chemistry.

Audra is at Kendall to teach the Global Resource Management and Environmental Regulation (SUS 365); in this class she combines her knowledge of laws and regulations to help students master ideas and concepts for resource reduction and management.

Claris Olson

Claris Olson teaches The Business & Technology of Sustainability (HOS 235). She is proficient on a broad range of topics including environmental labels, certifications, and standards, as well as being experienced in green event planning. Claris has many experiences in the environmental work including holding positions as the Environmental Health Program Manager for Healthy Schools Campaign, the Environmental Protection Specialist for the Tribal Programs Office of the USEPA R9, and an Environmental Scientist for the US EPA. Claris has also worked as a contractor for the Delta Institute.   Claris has her Master’s of Science from the University of Mississippi.

Claris’ background makes her a wonderful instructor for HOS 235, The Business & Technology of Sustainability.  This course is part of the School of Hospitality Management’s core courses and supports our institutional outcome focused on environmental stewardship.

Those students with a deeper interest can concentrate in Sustainable Management in Hospitality and Tourism.  (Learn more at


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