Kendall College Commencement 2013

Kendall College Commencement 2013

Kendall College Commencement was held on Saturday, June 22, 2013 and the Chicago Symphony Center in Orchestra Hall. More than 280 Spring 2013 graduates and 450 students overall from Spring and previous quarters walked in commencement to shake the hands of their Deans and flip their tassel from one side of their mortar board to the other. Students received the following degrees: B.A. in Business read more

Kendall College goes to Italy: Episode 1

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Authored by Kendall College student Kim Haines

Well, we arrived in Rome a little less American than we had started. Our feet are swollen and eyes are sunken, but nothing a plethora amount of pizza and wine can’t fix. We didn’t lose anybody, so that’s good. Customs was interesting as we spent half the day waiting in a line that never formed, but I guess that is Italy for you; slow-paced and care-free.

We got on a bus to go to Perugia, which I have to tell you is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. The three hour bus tour allowed most of us to sleep, except for Chef Altieri and a few of us, who could hardly contain ourselves with the abundance of sunflower fields, the city of Narni (which part of The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed) and the breathtaking hills. We can sleep when we are dead.

Upon arriving to Perugia, we were given a small tour of an Etruscan town. The Etruscan is an ancient civilization established in Western Umbria in areas corresponding to Tuscany. We explored the underground city of Perugia, which has since then been abandoned and abolished.
Underground City
After the tour of the city centre, we were greeted by a welcoming dinner supplied with all the pizza you could ever want. Just when we thought the dinner was over, we realized we were only half way through it as 10 more pizzas and “freedom” fries were presented.

We are starting to get to know each other quite well as I see this trip not only being an educational one but a bonding one as well. Chin Chin!

Wish you werehere

Wish you were here,

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Kendall College Hospitality Alumni Tour

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Kendall College has countless alumni that work in the hospitality industry in Chicago. This summer, the Alumni Relations office toured Chicago making five stops along the way to visit our alumni at work and see how their experiences at Kendall helped them to be where they are today.


Before we left for the day, we stayed on campus to visit our three Hospitality Management alumni, Maureen Schofield ’08, Melissa Koll ’09 and Deborah Bosco ‘91. “I returned to Kendall so that I could work as an event planner with people who are dedicated professionals.  It is exciting to work in a place where we can provide students the experience that I personally found to be so valuable when I was a student,” said Events Specialist, Melissa Koll.

Dining Room Manager, Maureen Schofield, valued her time as a student at Kendall College. “I was able to meet students and faculty with so many industry connections and that opened doors to internships and jobs where I learned more than I could have ever anticipated.”

Our first visit was the Public Hotel to visit Ana Katarina Cornelio ‘14, Sales and Catering Coordinator, Michelle Lucas ‘13, HR Coordinator and Rayna Zaharinova ‘14, Housekeeping Coordinator. “Students preparing to graduate should learn all they can from Capstone. It’s a stressful experience but it is a great learning experience,” said Zaharinova.


Our second stop was to visit Josh Montellano ‘13, Manager at Foodlife in the iconic Watertower shopping center on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. “Kendall taught me all the necessary skills, from professional development to the dress code, to step into a management role,” said Montellano.


The third stop was the Hotel Chicago to visit Front Office Director, Imran Jivani ‘11 and Group Room Coordinator, Jennifer Bastion ‘13. “Dean Tinnish taught me skills that I could actually apply to my job. It’s rewarding to see those skills and efforts appreciated by our guests,” said Bastion.  When asked what advice Bastion would give to a student she replied “Be ready to work really hard. If it’s possible, it can happen. Keep dreaming!”


The last visit was with Felicia Mayden ‘12 and Patty Hanley ’11, A.A.S Baking and Pastry, both Pastry Cooks at Cicchetti. Felicia completed the 2+2 program to obtain a degree in Baking and Pastry as well as Hospitality Management. “I have learned so much in the back of the house over the last two years. Who knows where I will be next but I hope to take everything I’ve learned from my Kendall and working experience and use it in a front-of-house position.”


Kendall Hospitality Student Moving onto Harvard

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ManthanFrom the Windy City to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Kendall College hospitality student and soon-to-be graduate Manthan Trivedi will soon be taking his studies to one of the Ivy League’s finest, Harvard University. Manthan has been accepted to Harvard’s Masters of Science program with a concentration in Sustainability. We couldn’t be happier to see one of our students pursue his passion at a top institution! We recently caught up with Manthan to check in on what he’s looking forward to at Harvard and reflecting on his time at Kendall. 

KC – What skills did you learn at Kendall that prepared you to be able to be accepted into an Ivy league program?

MT – Kendall helped me develop leadership, research and formal systematic approach to a subjective topic that is required by every professional to excel in their field. I believe it is these primary skills that helped me portray my potential in the enrollment and admission process at Harvard.

KC – What are you most looking forward to as you prepare to attend Harvard?

MT – I am looking forward to getting a deeper understanding about Sustainability and learn Environmental aspects that influence Sustainability and its business application.

KC – Tell us about one of your favorite stories from your time as a student at Kendall?

MT – My experience as CFO in the Capstone Project at Kendall was a memorable time for me both as a student and for personal/professional development. During this time, I learned the importance of integration and was able to work on some of my limitations.

KC – Tell us about what you hope to do in your career?

MT – I wish to pursue a Ph.D and help develop Sustainability to expand its applicability and relevance in the mainstream framework.

Join us for the Kendall Tea Competition Dinner

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This one is for the tea lovers out there! You won’t want to miss this special event on campus on Friday, August 22nd. Join us for TEA: A Culinary Adventure, 6pm at Kendall College. You’ll sample the winning menus from our Kendall Tea Competition and enjoy a four-course dinner. A single winner will be selected at the event and join our Chef Austin Yancey on an international trip for an immersive learning experience in all things tea.

Please find details in the below image, as well as ticket information at

tea dinner

Kendall Welcomes New Director of Professional Education and Community Outreach Kim Shambrook

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I am delighted to welcome Kim Shambrook as the Director of Professional Education and Community Outreach for Kendall College.

In this role, Kim will lead Kendall’s planned expansion into the non-credit and personal enrichment sector and will lead the planning, development and promotion of the following programs:

  • HomeChefour recreational cooking series open to the public
  • Culinary Certificate – a more structured cooking series designed to enhance culinary technique and personal enrichment 
  • Professional and Continuing Education –programs and seminars for domestic and international students as well as  industry professional in
    • Business
    • Culinary Arts
    • Education
    • Hospitality

Kim is an accomplished entrepreneur with diverse professional experiences in for-profit and not-for-profit industries as well as a classically trained chef/culinary instructor. For the past 11 years, Kim served as President, Co-Founder and Executive Chef of Bespoke Cuisine, a full-service boutique catering and event company with a focus on recreational cooking classes.  She also recently served as Adjunct Faculty of Culinary and Hospitality for Robert Morris University.

In her previous corporate life, Kim served as the Vice President of Operations for Closerlook, Inc.  a Chicago-based communications and marketing firm specializing in strategy development, technology, and relationship management. She has deep expertise leading continuing education programming and operations, and worked for many years for such companies as the National Association of Realtors, the Women’s Council of Realtors, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Kim earned both her B.S. in Education and M.S. in Educational Psychology from the Eastern Illinois University.  She is also alum of Kendall College, where she earned her Certificate in Professional Cookery.

Members of our leadership team who met with Kim found her engaging and creative style to be a great fit for our institution. A visionary entrepreneur and leader, Kim has the unique ability to help us build this exciting emerging market and to capitalize on our number one rankings in both culinary arts and hospitality management.  With her leadership, these programs will expand rapidly, and her extensive networks will help create new professional relationships for Kendall College.

Please join me in welcoming Kim to Kendall College.

- Emily Williams Knight, President of Kendall College

kim sham